Kling AI Sora-Like Text-to-Video Model using AI

Explore Kling AI, the ultimate text-to-video model. Effortlessly create stunning, high-quality videos with advanced Kling AI, available now on the 'Kuaiying' app and start to use kling ai

A royal angelfish with yellow and blue stripes swimming in an underwater rocky habitat
A hand pouring milk from a steel milk frothing pitcher into a cup of coffee on a table, with a blurred kitchen background
Two flowers slowly blooming against a black background, showcasing delicate petals and stamens
A giant panda playing guitar by a lake
A car driving on the road at dusk, with a stunning sunset and serene scenery reflected in the rearview mirror
A close-up shot of a bright blue parrot's feathers sparkling in the light, showcasing its unique plumage and vibrant colors

Kling AI Features

With Kling AI, you can create sora-like styles of your videos at ease

Large-Scale Reasonable Motion

Kling AI utilizes a 3D spatiotemporal joint attention mechanism, better modeling complex spatiotemporal motions to generate video content with significant motion while adhering to motion rules.

Up to 2 Minutes of Video Generation

Thanks to efficient training infrastructure, extreme inference optimization, and scalable architecture, Kling AI can generate videos up to 2 minutes long with a frame rate of 30fps.

Simulate Physical World Characteristics

Based on proprietary model architecture and the strong modeling capabilities inspired by Scaling Law, Kling AI can simulate real-world physical characteristics, generating videos that conform to physical laws.

Powerful Concept Combination Ability

With a deep understanding of text-to-video semantics and the powerful Diffusion Transformer architecture, Kling AI can transform users' rich imagination into concrete images, creating scenarios that do not exist in the real world.

Cinema-Grade Video Generation

Based on proprietary 3D VAE, Kling AI can generate cinema-grade videos with 1080p resolution, vividly presenting everything from vast and magnificent scenes to detailed close-ups.

Support for Flexible Video Aspect Ratios

Kling AI adopts a variable resolution training strategy, allowing for the output of the same content in various video aspect ratios during inference, meeting the needs of more diverse video material usage scenarios.

3 easy steps

How Kling AI Work

Learn how to use kling ai in KuaiYing App


Download KuaiYing - Experience Kling AI

Scan the QR code below to download the KuaiYing app. Note: Currently, KuaiYing only supports registration with Chinese phone numbers. Please use an SMS website to register.

kling ai qr code in kuaiying


Discover AI Features with Kling AI in KuaiYing

After entering the app, find the AI Features marker shown in the image and click on it to explore Kling AI.

kuaiying app kling ai entrance


Discover AI Features with Kling AI in KuaiYing

Choose the panda icon model; this model represents Kling AI.

kling ai application address

Frequently asked questions

What is Kling AI and how does it function?

Kling AI is a cutting-edge AI platform that utilizes advanced 3D spatiotemporal joint attention mechanisms to model complex motions and generate high-quality video content. It supports up to 2-minute long videos with a frame rate of 30fps, simulates real-world physical characteristics, and produces cinema-grade video with 1080p resolution.

How can I use Kling AI?

Currently, Kling AI is available for beta testing exclusively on the 'Kuaiying' app. A web version will be released soon. You can join the beta by downloading the 'Kuaiying' app and signing up for access.

What kind of videos can Kling AI generate?

Kling AI can generate a wide range of video content, including those with significant motion, up to 2 minutes in length, and in various aspect ratios. It can simulate realistic physical characteristics and combine complex concepts to create unique and imaginative scenarios.

Can Kling AI create cinema-grade videos?

Yes, Kling AI is capable of generating cinema-grade videos with 1080p resolution, delivering stunning visuals from expansive scenes to detailed close-ups.

Is Kling AI capable of generating videos in different aspect ratios?

Yes, Kling AI supports flexible output video aspect ratios, thanks to its variable resolution training strategy. This allows it to meet the diverse needs of different video content scenarios.

How does Kling AI handle complex concept combinations?

Kling AI utilizes a deep understanding of text-to-video semantics and the powerful Diffusion Transformer architecture to transform users' rich imagination into concrete images, creating scenarios that do not exist in the real world.

When will the web version of Kling AI be available?

The web version of Kling AI is currently under development and will be launched soon after the beta testing phase on the 'Kuaiying' app is completed.